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Young people always rise to the occasion.

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Bluffton Youth Theater

"The old adage "What matters the most is the performance", is not one by which I live. Directing, writing, and choreographing for over 30 years has led me to a better truth: it is not the end, but how you get to the end that matters most.

A good performance is bred through hard work, commitment, and trust. It is hard work to remember blocking, dance steps, and music notes. It is commitment not to just know your lines, but to know the person you are to portray; their emotions, their likes and dislikes - to know essentially what "makes them tick". It is commitment to come to practice even when you are tired, and to "stick to it" even when times get tough. And, there is a great deal of trust that must be between the cast and crew members and the directors. In short, a massive team effort and a plethora of time culminates in just a few performances. Yet, the audience only sees and judges that culmination. As a director, I get the privilege of living through months of preparation, with a cast and crew whom I have grown to love, honor, and respect. Yes, the cast is young and the task of doing such a play is monumental, but I have found that young people always rise to the occasion."

-Cynthia Ford-

-Founder of Bluffton Youth Theatre-

Our Mission


To create an educational theatre experience that inspires and challenges young people to be their best, both onstage and off.

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A Christmas Carol

Freedom Life Church

Auditions for “A Christmas Carol” will be held at 13A Kitties Landing, Bluffton, SC (Freedom Life Church)

Show dates/times:
Friday 12/2 - 7pm
Saturday 12/3 - 2pm and 7pm
Sunday 12/4 - 3pm
Friday 12/9 - 7pm
Saturday 12/10 - 2pm and 7pm
Sunday 12/11 - 3pm

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Join Us

Inspiring all youth, regardless of their mental or physical challenges, to be their best - on and off stage

Hundreds of students have been positively impacted by the Ford’s dream that has become a reality. Thousands have witnessed youth of all ages accepting each other, no matter their differences, who come together to perform what has been deemed “truly amazing”. Positive reviews has put BYT at a level that has even caught the eye of advocates across the nation who believe in BYT’s mission and have willingly lent their support. “We are truly thankful for all who volunteer and continue to encourage us,” says the Fords. “Our reward is seeing so many lives changed.”

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